2014 - 2015 - Liliya Garipova
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The Moment

The Moment

Oil, canvas
24 x 36’’
Started in 2006, completed in 2015

One of my not so receptive friends once voiced her opinion about the facial expressions on my paintings: she called them “weird and abnormal”. I tend to agree with her, as I never intend to depict usual people being engaged in their usual daily routine. No, my heroes and heroines dwell in a different world. They are engaged in different activities, and when they are looking, they are looking inside, not outside. They contemplate and meditate. They are in a special state of being in which the Holy Spirit can descend and bless them. It is that very moment of intense concentration, the moment of trance and insight that I tried to portray in this painting.
Meditation is one of the most essential practices of the spiritual journey. Called “receptive prayer”, "sitting," and "the art of inner listening," it offers manifold benefits to the spiritual seeker. Meditation cultivates openness, holding whatever arises in one’s gaze, free of attachment or rejection, allowing it to come and go in its own time. It is an attempt to stop one’s inner wheel of Samsara, to stop the murmur of the world.
The practice of meditation opens the gates into the inner reality. The person discovering and exploring this reality is gradually transformed. From an empty, bored, infantile, fidgeting consumer, governed by collective ideals, he turns into an obedient disciple and diligent apprentice in the garden of spiritual life.

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